Summer camp for the curious!

Scientific kids is a camp for kids ages 3-through 6th grade. My mission is to bring quality, fun, experiential science and engineering experiences to children during the summer weeks.  Children are born natural scientists and the curriculum is designed to engage their inherent curiosity and wonder and guide them in exploring new content and concepts. Whether they are designing beetle experiments, building marble roller coasters, or launching self-designed rockets, they will be learning science concepts and skills, and most importantly, learning that they LOVE science and engineering! 


Who is Science Sarah?

Hello! I am Sarah Thornton, a Pre-K and Elementary science specialist with 20 years of teaching experience (the last 10 as a pre-K and Elementary science specialist).  I'm a graduate of Hampshire College and I have a Masters degree in education from Bank Street College in NYC.  I grew up engrossed in hands on inquiry science I discovered on my own. I  dug for worms, studied ant colonies, and learned about a fly's life cycle by observing their growth and development on dead mice in my yard (no kidding!). Sadly, my science experiences in school led me to believe that science was boring and all about memorizing facts.  I became an educator to make sure children experience science as an engaging and wonderful tool that helps them answer questions they have about the world.  I have been very pleased to see how strongly children respond to science, given the time to really explore materials, ask their own questions, and work on challenging engineering projects.