Camp Sessions

Each week has a balanced day with lots of theme time as well as play and science exploration time outdoors.  The curriculum is designed by Science Sarah (experienced elementary science specialist) to be inquiry-based, with lots of time and space for design, testing, and experimentation (which means A LOT of fun!). Most sessions are for kids entering 1st-6th grade (kids will be divided up into age level groups as needed). Animal Science for Littles is for ages 3-5 during session 6. Ready to register? Read this!

Session 1: Lab Girls  June 26- 30 2017

This session is an all girls science and engineering extravaganza! If you want to explore many different kinds of science as well as try out designing, building, and testing your own creations, this is the session for you.  We will create motorized and electric toys and games,  perform experiments to find out things about animals like "What is a worm's favorite food?", and create parachutes and egg landers to drop off the top of the building (Don't crack the egg!).

1st-6th grade, 9-1pm or 9-3pm options

Session 2: Chem Lab July 5-7 2017

Put on your lab coat and goggles and get ready to experiment with liquids, solids and everything in between! Campers will be mixing, testing, and creating reactions, as well as designing their own drinks, candy and toothpaste. Older campers interested in more advanced chemistry will have the opportunity to solve the case of the mysterious powder while learning about and using chemical tests. Cost for this three day camp is $300.

1st-6th grade, 9-1pm or 9-3pm options


JULY 10-14 2017

Prepare to be tickled by beetles and slimed by slugs! This session is for kids who can’t get enough time with critters like snails, beetles, walking stick bugs, and worms (and some reptiles too!)  Design and perform experiments to find out more about these amazing creatures. Build a mini habitat for collecting in your neighborhood or take home one of these easy-to-care-for animals (with permission of course!)

1st-6th grade, 9-1pm or 9-3pm options

Session 4: Make it move    July 17-21 2017 

Come and explore all the many ways of making things move. Campers will design, build and test many kinds of moving creations as simple as gliders and balance toys, to more complex contraptions like balloon powered vehicles, motor-propelled vehicles, and soda bottle rockets. 

1st-6th grade, 9-1pm or 9-3pm options

Session 5: buildoramaJuly 24-28 2017

Do you love the challenge of building structures? In this session campers will design, build and test many kinds of structures including towers, bridges, and even marble roller coasters! What shapes are the strongest? How can we protect buildings against high winds and earthquakes? Come find out more while having fun as a young engineer. 

1st-6th grade, 9-1pm or 9-3pm options

Session 6: Electricity City  July 31-Aug 4 2017

Have you ever wondered how electricity works? Then this is the right place for you! Younger campers will work together to design and build a city out of blocks and create circuits (using both batteries and solar panels) to electrify it.  Older campers will design and create personalized, light up circuit cards, drawing robots, and electric powered toys. 

1st-6th grade, 9-1pm or 9-3pm options



JULY 31-AUG 4 2017 

Support your little one's in-born love of exploration and animals!  The classroom will be set up into science centers (animals, sand, building, water, magnets etc.) with plenty of open exploration time. Your child will have lots of opportunities to observe, touch, and hold different kinds of animals within whole and small group times.  Their observations and questions will be discussed and friendly experiments will help us address what they are wondering about like "What do geckos like to eat?" and "Do guinea pigs like to play with toys?" Of course, lots of outdoor science-play will be enjoyed as well! From 9am-1pm $225